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Business Financial Planning
Setting your business up for success and long-term investments.
Personal Financial Planning
Understanding where you are and getting you to where you want to be.
Life Insurance
Including disability and critical insurance.
Tax-Free Savings Accounts
Start saving for your long and short-term financial goals.
Professional Financial Planning
Helping you understand your options while managing your wealth.
Registered Plans (RRSPs)
Make the most of your RRSP with tax-efficient strategies.

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Individuals & Families

It begins with understanding where you are and thinking about where you want to be. Finding the right balance of saving for the future and enjoying today is amongst one of the biggest challenges in life.
Professional planning their financial future


It can often be harder to find the right balance when your career takes up a lot of room in your life. Typically, your financial decisions become more complex and determining your best path forward is not necessarily straight forward. You need to consider a myriad of options and understand how each has it's own implications.
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As a business owner - you probably aren't looking for an advisor to make you rich - you can do that on your own. What you might need though is someone who can see and understand the affluent business owner’s big-picture needs.  We work by developing customized, balanced strategies to achieve your specific goals of wealth preservation, avoidance of unnecessary tax burdens, creditor protection, wealth accumulation and wealth distribution to yourself, your family, your estate and preferred charities.  
Grow your wealth
We want to know what your goals are, when you want to achieve them and what your financial concerns are. Then we will work with you to get you from where you are to where you want to be.
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